Deadbeat Android Game

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DeadBeat Android Game

Samsung App Challenge 2013 Entry

DeadBeat is a multiplayer offline Android game, designed as an entry into the 2013 Samsung App Challenge to showcase the Samsung Chord SDK. The concept is simple - you’re a well armed kid in a post-apocalyptic, zombie run world. You have one goal. Survive longer than everyone else.


Gameplay Design

This project was a lot of fun because it was done as an internal passion project (team of 2 designers and 4 devs) instead of for external an external client. This gave us a lot of liberties in designing the whole experience and mapping it out, as well as the freedom to experiment. We didn’t win the challenge, but we did launch the app on the Samsung App Store.


3D Character Design

I drew up concepts, then built and textured character models in Blender. I then rigged and animated looping running animations, and exported as a series of pngs - rendering from 8 different points on the compass rosette.