Sign2TXT iPad App

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Sign2TXT iPad App

Role: UI/UX Designer

Sign2TXT is an app designed for individual’s are deaf, on the spectrum with autism, or are non-verbal, and whose primary means of communication is American Sign Language. The app is designed to type the printed word when the tile with the sign representation is tapped, translating between ASL and written English.


As a UI/UX Designer at Nobis Studios in 2014, we were contracted to create this useful tool by a teacher and businesswoman Angie, who saw how her students were being left out of digital society. When she approached us, she said all her students wanted to do was to be able to post to Facebook, and communicate effectively with their peers. As a person who knows no ASL, I was reliant on her guidance throughout the project, and went through 5 iterations that she tested for ease of use in the classroom.

I created the end to end experience, exported and formatted thousands of icons, and in the process learned more about what can be done to apps to make them more accessible to all users.


This is a demonstration video of the Sign2TXT App. Video credit Angie Craft.